Intruducing Myself: ♛ Quinn Glom ♛




Im a graphic designer in RL and done many things in SL for fun.I’ll introduce myself little bit to you with my some experience  ^.^

I used to be fight in some army at DCS sims.. 

I was a good warrior actually 😉   *missed* 

..have been huntress in gor.. that times ı tried different roles in there.. 

and one day somebody bit me and ı became a bloodsucker and who dressed black.. :[

Ofcourse I really much be danced in many tight clubs like most of yours 🙂

..aaaand ,got married  (It did not take long time .. what a suprise 😛 but was a nice .)

And one day happend good shit ,and I started to create clothes in SL and opened a store about girly clothing that mostly pinup styling…Bla bla bla bla… At the soon finally will touch blogging:P 



I can be a part of everything, that I just can dream.. 

 forever, keep your dreams alive in your imagine .. 

IMPORTANT:Feed your imagine, all the time !